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Case Study

How Verilux decreased page load time


faster than non-AMP pages


improvement in load time for AMP content versus traditional mobile web


longer session duration

Located in Vermont, Verilux® is a leader in healthy lighting solutions. They use full spectrum light that mimics sunlight to enhance the body, mind, and spirit. Whether it be their task lighting or popular HappyLight® Therapy Lamps, Verilux makes products that have an impact on people's well-being and happiness.

Even though they were founded more than 50 years ago, Verlux had to find an approach to the new generation of customers - mobile customers. With high mobile customers expectations, Verilux realized they needed to embrace a mobile-first approach and satisfy their needs. To drive mobile conversion, they focused on speed, engagement, and reliability with updating to AMP.

AMP + PWA by AmpifyMe on Simply Carbon Fiber


"We were facing changes in our customers' behavior. Even though there were more mobile users, somehow we didn’t manage to step into a relationship with them, bounce rate was the highest in the first couple of seconds of page load." says Michael Campanaro from Verilux. This was not awkward when we take the fact that an average mobile website takes 6 seconds to display all of its elements.

As a forward thinking company, Verilux implemented AMP by AmpifyMe as a way to improve page speed. At the same time, AMP is proven to improve SEO, which contributed Verilux organic search growth, and at the same time, AMP pages show constantly amazing performance. The potential mobile customers should be engaged at the beginning of their shopping journey and keep engaged with shop functionality.


"With AMP by AmpifyMe we did not just get a quick fix, we got a powerful, long term solution that helped us deliver the best-in-class page speed performance. Our mobile website changeover began to show results.” Campanaro, Verilux's Director of Customer Experience shares. As a result of this change, users have better browsing experience as the content load is faster and because of that, there were 36% longer session durations.

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