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The Story of Dolceterra: How Help of Clever e-commerce and Ampify Me Took Their Business to Next Level

by Ampify Me February 27, 2019


Dolceterra.com was established as a store to bring marvelous Italian food and characteristic products available to everyone. Their team has selected the most loved Italian products at their best version and wanted to share it with the world.


engaging google ads


Having a Shopify store set up, even if you have the perfect products and a developed local brand, is only half of the story. The key is to market your products and make them know by the public.


To make their brand more famous, Dolceterra turned to the main marketing channel - Google Ads with all its networks. Setting up Google Ads campaigns, the story of how the ads are made and the logic behind them is never a piece of cake. To ensure their message will be properly delivered, their team got to know Clever e-commerce, and its app Clever Google Ads. In a fully automatized process, Dolceterra got a set of Google Ads campaigns in various networks: search, display, shopping, gmail…




Constantly exploring to their customer's behavior, Dolceterra did notice their shop is showing less mobile conversions compared to the desktop. It was the time they got familiar with AMP pages as a possible solution to their problem. With the help of Ampify Me team and their AMP by Ampify Me app, they managed to set up a beautiful, instantly loading pages. At the same time, they significantly improved SEO and Google Search Rank.


As the matter of fact, AMP pages with Google Ads are proven to show amazing results. They improve web speed and show more visible, more effective and high-performing ads.

At this time, Dolceterra noticed that their CPC was cheaper and that their Google Ads campaign is performing even better. They started having more mobile sales at lower cost.

Having the correct keywords and the correct ads with its relevant extensions, are exactly what Google wants. It was now easy for Dolceterra to have Google ads, specially made for potential customers, consistently high-performing and noticeable. Besides, they improved add-to-cart rate, got a better quality score and lower CPC.


They are now ensured customers will have the proper message received, so they're not only targeting the correct audience, but giving them the one-of-a-kind experience. At the same time, they saved a lot of time and money.

If you like the journey of Dolceterra, make sure to enable AMP by Ampify Me and Clever Google Ads integration for awesome results.