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How AMP and PWA Together Benefit Your Shopify Store

by Ampify Me team January 15, 2019



Blogs are overwhelmed with terms like m-commerce, mobile-first and mobile-only, indicating importance and number of mobile users today.

Want to follow the mobile-first rule?

Mobile-first design is a solution including AMP and PWA able to provide a unique experience to put your Shopify site ahead of the competition and drive more traffic. By implementing mobile-first you don’t have to choose between speed and other features, it is about an ultimate mobile user-experience: fast page load speed, adapted app - like native, offline caching, push notifications, short forms, etc.

AMP will give you the beautiful, super-fast pages and improve Google Search Ranking.

PWA will make your store installable on the user's mobile home screen, without the need for an app store.

Mobile-first era in 2019 means AMP and PWA setup

Now you can have the biggest benefits since Progressive Web App can be as fast as AMP – a unique feature that makes the ultimate mobile experience. Incorporating AMP plus PWA into your web design enables starting fast and staying fast even in offline mode - a unique feature that makes the mobile experience complete. It is a solution that catches the user with a nearly instant load, keeps them engaged and then has them locked into your Progressive Web App. In this way, you are effortlessly able to create an experience for multiple ends in a smooth and efficient way.

AMP by Ampify me and PWA by Ampify Me, both built by our team, are made at the same time, side by side, to create a perfect match. It is the first and only e-commerce solution to follow the mobile-first rule, with more than 10000 installs by merchants successfully making sure that their store is up on track with the newest trend.

Are you ready to follow their example?

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