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Most Recommended 2.0 Themes on the Shopify Theme Store

by Ampify Me February 21, 2022

(This post is not affiliated with any Shopify Theme)

Is your website appealing? Do you think it can attract potential clients? Website appearance is really important in eCommerce. It can attract or drive back your clients. To help you beautify your store, there are themes available in Shopify Theme Store or even outside Shopify as well. But choosing the right theme for you is not an easy task. This post can help you decide which theme is the right fit for your store. Here are our most recommended Shopify 2.0 themes you can find in the Shopify Theme Store. 

Cascade by Switch  


On top of our list is Cascade. Using this theme, you can enhance your brand and products with a unique narrative. 


Price: $240

Theme Style: Classic, Bright, Modern

Key Features:

  • Create unique layouts - Combine multiple content types (i.e. not just images) into a masonry-style grid with endless layout possibilities.
  • Asymmetrical collection grid - Showcase your products in a scrollable style. Cascade also comes with a standard grid template too, so you can have the best of both worlds.
  • Smart adaptation - Cascade’s layout will automatically accommodate images of all different sizes - portrait, landscape, or square. Nifty.

Page Speed Score

  • Mobile: 0.69             
  • Desktop: 1


Kingdom by Krown Themes



This is an image-focused theme, designed around a stylish signature sidebar. 

Price: $250

Theme Style: King, Queen, and Prince

Key Features:

  • Signature Sidebar - All navigation elements are placed in an interactive sidebar area which is faster to scan and can fit more information.
  • Vertical Slideshow - Your content will never be missed as it will be shown on regular vertical scrolling, enhanced with parallax effects.
  • Unique Collection Page - Make your collection grid more engaging by emphasizing featured products of your choice.


 Page Speed Score

  • Mobile: 0.78           
  • Desktop: 0.98


Impulse by Archetype Themes


A theme with flexible, fashionable, proven design with powerful promotions. 


Price: $320

Theme Style: Modern, Clean, and Bold

Key Features:

  • Everything you need to succeed - 20+ sections now available everywhere, product sales points & meta fields, multiple landing, product, and collection templates, and more.
  • Powerful promotions - Keep your customers shopping and maximize product awareness with our versatile custom promotion designer — now available on all templates.
  • Compete with the giants - Quick view, sales points, meta fields, size & price sidebar filters, subcollections, engaging video, product page tabs, and a modern design.



Showcase by Clean Canvas


This theme is beautiful and bold with exciting full-screen imagery and 20 designed sections. 

Price: $300

Theme Style: Betty, Beard, Native, Luna

Key Features:

  • Loaded with sections - Use drag-and-drop sections on every page. 20 sections including Popup, Testimonials, Image/Video Gallery, and much more.
  • Get the edge, sell more - Loaded with everything you need - advanced product filtering, SEO, speed, performance, flexible sections, promotions, and much more.
  • Ultimate customer experience - Create a premium, refined shopping experience with Showcase's silky smooth animations and seamless video integration.

Page Speed Score

  • Mobile: 0.82             
  • Desktop: 0.98



Streamline by Archetype Themes 


An eye-catching theme designed for quick impact. 

Price: $320

Theme Style: Core, Lux, Hype

Key Features:

  • Everything you need to succeed - 20+ sections now available everywhere, product sales points & meta fields, multiple landing, product, and collection templates, and more.
  • Fast and focused - A focused design, quick load times, and instant product pages get your message and your products across faster and more effectively.
  • Stand out from the crowd - Mobile-first design with GIF-style and scrolling text animations, seamless video integration, and an easily branded font-first aesthetic.

 Page Speed Score

  • Mobile: 0.79             
  • Desktop: 0.99




Symmetry by Clean Canvas 


This theme is perfect for fashion, beauty, fitness, or accessories stores. 

Price: $300. 

Theme Style: Chantilly, Salt Yard, Beatnik, and Duke

Key Features: 

  • Powered by OS 2.0 - Design everywhere with an unrivaled set of 20+ drag-and-drop sections, covers everything from boutique designer wear to luggage & apparel
  • The complete package - Built for OS 2 - add product page tabs, meta fields, size & price catalog filters, subcollections, mp4 video, FAQs, and pre-order templates
  • Smart OS 2.0 product filters - Powerful filters for fast product hunting - perfect for all types of fashion, including eyewear, swimwear, accessories, outerwear, fitness

Page Speed Score

  • Mobile: 0.67             
  • Desktop: 0.98



Prestige by Maestrooo


Designed for premium, high-end brand appeal


Price: $300

Theme Style: Allure, Couture, Vogue

Key Features: 

  • Shine like a diamond - Expertly crafted to give the ultimate luxury high-end aesthetic. Elegantly designed features to highlight your products and brand identity.
  • Hot-spot products - Enhance your customer's shopping experience with the beautiful "shop the look" section. Ease to use and a truly powerful upselling feature.
  • Media focused product page - Highly versatile product media display options. Image stacking, carousels, videos, and more, all built to fully showcase your products best.

Page Speed Score

  • Mobile: 0.66             
  • Desktop: 0.96




Capital by Eight 


Showcase large inventories with style and precision

Price: $350. 

Theme Style: Berlin, Prague, and Sofia

Key Feature:

  • Choose from 3 designs - Three presets, unlimited possibilities. Get started quickly with our three pre-designed presets.
  • Highlight your product offers - Use scrolling text to bring another level of visibility to your product offers.
  • Innovative Layouts - Break out of the grid, with innovative collection page layouts that highlight key products, increasing your average order value.

Page Speed Score

  • Mobile: 0.81             
  • Desktop: 0.98



Dawn by Shopify 


Dawn is one of the free themes from Shopify.  It is Shopify 2.0’s default theme. Among the themes stated above, this theme is the fastest. This is also the most popular among merchants because developers are more familiar with this theme than the other themes in the market. With that familiarity, they find it easier to customize. It’s easy to use and great for minimalists. It has a clean and modern look which makes your product page stand out. 

Price: $0

Theme Style: n/a

Key Features:

  • Chic and minimalist design - Let your products take center stage with large imagery, crisp lines, and simplified fonts that keep buyer attention focused on what matters.
  • Media-forward product page - Large media to help your customers see what products look like and get a sense of how they feel
  • Advanced customization options - Flexible design and customization settings to achieve your desired vision without having to touch any code.


Final Verdict

For you to manage your website easily and make it more appealing to potential clients, the theme you use must fit your taste. There are many fantastic themes in Shopify and even outside, but to help you better, we gave you our most recommended themes in the Shopify theme store. All these themes have superb customer support and the designs are awesome, you just have to choose which one suits your preference. As for the value, speed, and positive response, among the themes mentioned above, here’s our top pick: 

Price: Dawn

Speed: Dawn

Positive Response: Cascade


Thank you for reading and we hope to see you in the next post!