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How showing UGC reviews on Shopify AMP pages can lead you to more sales

by Ampify Me July 09, 2020

People shop from different places, use all sorts of devices, having bad and unstable network connections, which all lead to facing different shopping experiences. This can be extremely harmful to any type of business.

At the same time, people are still lacking trust in online shopping and are looking for personal recommendations before making a purchase.

What is UGC and why is it important?

UGC presents any type of content that is created and published by unpaid contributors - your customers. It can be published in different forms, like images, videos, testimonials, social media posts, and similar. When a customer behaves like an advertiser, you know it is a UGC. It is like word-of-mouth but enhanced with media.

86% of millennials say that UGC is a good indicator of the quality of a brand (Trend) 😲 Also, when you consider that 76% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, it’s easy to see why UGC is so powerful.

It is our veins that we connect with other people, not brands. Authenticity and uniqueness that UGC forms, can’t be replicated or imitated.

Customer reviews and ratings as form of UGC

Whooping 88% of online shoppers incorporate reviews into their purchase decision! So yes, it is more than ever important to show customers that they can trust your product and product reviews are the easiest way to do it.

If you are not giving customers space to express their feelings about your products, or show off how they use it every day, you are not only cutting on the feedback but you are also not providing enough reliability for future buyers. Also, being able to form a products community, is what can form a brand out of your part-time business.

Now you’re probably thinking, customer reviews and ratings sound awesome. But how can I get my customers to leave them?

HelpfulCrowd is a customer review platform for Shopify merchants that allows you to automatically collect and show media-rich UGC content onsite, in search results, and social media channels.

Combining mobile-first AMP pages with UGC on Shopify

More than 60% of people are using mobile devices for shopping and search engines are devoted to unify experiences and offer the same standard for all users around the web. And with AMP as a mobile-first version of the regular site, that is now possible.

With some restrictions for reliable performance and speed, mobile-first websites have become a standard, and that is what AMP is responsible for.

As the technology evolved, today AMP is a lot more than just a stripped version of a site. It is a combination of performance and great experience, perfectly optimized for any device and network connection. Such, it is presenting a perfect acquisition channel for all mobile device users.


Today, with AmpifyMe and Helpful Crowd integration for Shopify you can make AMPs even better by following a user-centric approach and showing off UGC in the form of media-rich reviews. This is a proven way to grow your sales even more. Awesome, right?

How does the integration work?

You should install Product Review App + Video from Shopify app listing and activate the integration following next steps:

– Go to the admin panel of your AMP by AmpifyMe app

Navigate toward Themes >> Customize >> Add section

– Find Product Review App + Video in the list and click on the checkbox to enable it

All done, bring in those sales!