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[Integration] Convert Google Ads into Super-Fast, Engaging Google Ads - Ampify Me + Clever

by Ampify Me team January 08, 2019
Ampify me + Clever
Convert Google ads into super-fast, engaging Google ads

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Google has changed the landscape in online advertising over the past years providing new opportunities for e-commerce merchants to promote their online stores. 

Clever e-commerce is a Premier Google Partner allowing you to have Search, Display, Remarketing & Shopping Ads custom made to grab your customers’ attention.

Besides Shopify, it is presented in a range of platforms like BigCommerce and Prestashop.

Integration benefits

  • Faster web speed
  • More visible, more effective and high-performing ads
  • Better quality score and a lower CPC
  • Improved add-to-cart rate

How does integration works?

Providing good customer service and attending to the needs of your customers can broaden the exposure of your e-commerce store through word-of-mouth effects. 

Our integration with Clever e-commerce makes it easy for you to create Google ads, specially made for your potential customers, consistently high-performing and noticeable.

By integrating Ampify me with Clever, you can ensure customers will have the proper message received, so you're not only targeting the correct audience, but you’re giving them the one-of-a-kind experience.

After all, every happy customer equals more revenue for you!

When you enable this integration your customers will see a Google ad promoting your products, leading them instantly to your products page.